What we offer:

Reiki & Seichem Energy Healing.

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is the Yang of energy healing, Where Reiki is the Yang, Seichem is the Yin. Seichem energy healing originates from Sudan and used together these two practices offer a strong and powerful force for energy healing. This treatment is a warm, comfy, hands on treatment that lasts around 40minutes. You will be asked to lie down, fully clothed and will be wrapped up nice and warm in a comfy, relaxing environment. Use of essential oils and crystals may be in your treatment depending on what your body needs. A practitioner will then work down your front and back body touching where necessary in order to tab into your energy and flow the healing Reiki in. Reiki can be enjoyed be everyone and can be used alongside other complementary therapies and conventional medicines. Benefits of Reiki include, promoting relaxation and a calm, balanced mind and emotions, it can aid physical healing in the body and speed up this process, reduce blood pressure and release energy blockages resulting in increased energy levels, stress reduction and clear focus. Please consult your doctor before having a Reiki treatment and do not come off any medication you have been prescribed. This service costs £35.

Osho Zen Tarot Readings

Zen Tarot readings are slightly different to a standard Tarot reading in that it focuses on the understanding of the here and now rather than future. It is based on the wisdom of Zen that says ‘events in the outer world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are’. A question must be asked of the cards in order to provide a clear reading and the reading is designed to help give guidance on the issue you have raised and to help you find the correct pathway. This is by no means a prediction of the future or an instruction on how you should proceed, it is merely insight in order to help you with your specific issue. Readings can last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes and must be on a 1 on 1 basis. Unfortunately due to the nature of this service, no refunds are available. Service costs £15.

Indian Head Massage.

Traditional Indian Head Massage originates from families in India, starting from an early age massage is passed down families to aid in health and wellbeing and is passed down from generation to generation. It works with the large diamond shaped muscle running from the middle of your back to the top of your head, and works with your face, shoulders back and head. It is a relaxing and yet firm seated massage that helps to prevent migraines, headaches and back pain, promotes blood flow to the hair and face therefore encouraging hair growth and healthier skin, promotes sleep and relaxation and detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Please consult your doctor before having any treatments and do not come off any medication you have been prescribed. This service costs £35.

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Salt Rock Massage

Crystal Healing

Meditation Classes.